Gradina Cave near Premantura

Špilja na gradini

G Gradina Cave, called the Cavern (Pećina), is the southernmost cave in Istria and is included in the Natura 2000 network of nature protection areas. It is protected in accordance with the EU Habitats Directive and belongs to the group of caves that are closed to the public.

Pećina na gradini

The cave is located some 200 metres north of Premantura, in the area of the significant landscape of Upper Kamenjak. The cave was built from layers dating back to the Upper Cretaceous period, about 90 million years ago. It is a type locality for a subspecies of cave isopods - (Androniscus roseus histrianorum).

A rchaeological studies have shown that Gradina Cave had been used in the past for many years as suggested by a multitude of ancient findings, and one of the most important is a prehistoric iron cross axe which represents the northernmost such finding in the Adriatic.

If you walk through the area of Upper Kamenjak, the sign posts will lead you to the Cavern that is marked with an educational table.

Since Gradina Cave belongs to the group of caves that are closed to the public, the entrance is forbidden and we kindly ask you to observe this restriction.