Soline Forest Park

 Soline Forest Park map

B etween Pješčana Uvala and Vinkuran you will find the Soline Hill that has been protected as a forest park since 1996. Extremely dense maquis of holm oak, partly developed into a forest, make this forest park one of the last preserved holm oak forests in our area.

 Soline Forest Park

H olm oak (Quercus ilex) is an autochthonous species of oak in the Mediterranean, so that the holm oak forest is the most stable ecosystem in the Mediterranean, whose plants are adapted to arid conditions. Due to its high density and the darkness caused by it, a specific microclimate is created, a cooler and wetter climate than that of the surrounding area.


I n Soline Forest Park there is an educational path with educational tables, and it passes through the maquis that has been created by century-long exploitation of these forests as well as by the preserved holm oak forests.