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Wind surf

L ower Kamenjak and the Medulin Archipelago (known as Punta or just Cape Kamenjak) is one of the most interesting places to visit in Istria. The reasons for this are certainly their beautiful landscapes and nature that you can experience with all of your senses. We especially recommend coming in the spring and autumn. Kamenjak is an ideal place for an active holiday. Here you can walk, ride a bike, kayak, surf, play paintball, etc., there are interesting activities for everyone to remember their visit by.

We highly recommend you take a backpack and set off to explore Kamenjak.

  • Walk along the dinosaur path and visit one of the few sites of 98 million year old fossilised footprints of dinosaurs at Cape Grakalovac;
  • Walk along the educational path and learn about the natural values of Kamenjak;
  • Visit an Istrian ox farm and an Istrian family farm with agrotourism;
  • walk sensing didactic promenade Gradina in the Upper Kamenjak which is adapted to visually impaired people;
  • You can "escape civilisation" at the Safari Bar overlooking the Mala Kolombarica Cove;
  • Relax and freshen up in one of the beach bars (Pinižule Cove, Polje Cove, Njive Cove, Mala Kolombarica Cove, Debeljak Cove, Mali Portić Cove, Školjić Cove and Dražice Cove);
  • Spend an active holiday using the sports facilities: running track in the Pinižule Cove, Školjić Sports Centre and Školjić Windsurf Station;
  • Ride your bike along the "Orchid" trail and enjoy the view of the entire coastal area (trail length 12 km);
  • Swim in the crystal clear Adriatic Sea in one of the most beautiful parts of the Croatian coast and discover numerous hidden coves;
  • Dive into the wonderful underwater world of Kamenjak;
  • Visit the ecology centre "House of Nature Kamenjak" in Premantura.

Kamenjak is an area worth visiting any time of year, but for a full experience we recommend late spring and early autumn, when you can enjoy the most the natural diversity of this area.

Sports on Kamenjak


T he bike trails on Upper and Lower Kamenjak are one of the most popular trails in Istria. Several thousand cyclists come here every year and almost all those who have been here even once, come back again. In addition, Kamenjak Rocky Trail, an international mountain biking competition, is held here every spring.


F or those who love the sea and water sports, we suggest to head to the Školjić Cove where you can rent a kayak and visit the islands of the Medulin Archipelago. We also suggest you try stand up paddle boarding, as well as windsurfing, since Kamenjak is one of the most popular windsurfing destinations.

T here is a sports centre in the Školjić Cove where you can use the grounds for beach soccer, table tennis, badminton or you can play chess in the shade of the pine trees.

The "Full Moon" bike ride is a particularly interesting one, held at night at full moon in the summer months.