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Sjedište JU Kamenjak

T he Public Institution of Kamenjak was founded in 2004 based on the Decision on Founding the Public Institution for the Management of the Protected Natural Values in the Medulin Municipality (Official Gazette of Medulin Municipality, no. 5/04). The institution looks after two forest parks (Kašteja and the Soline hill in Vinkuran) and two significant landscapes (Lower Kamenjak and Medulin Archipelago and Upper Kamenjak).

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T he principal activities of the Institution are the protection, maintenance, preservation, promotion and use of the protected areas, and are aimed at ensuring the undisturbed course of natural processes and maintaining the sustainable use of natural resources, as well as monitoring the implementation of the nature protection conditions and measures in the areas managed by the Institution. The Institution carries out its activities as a public service, and is financed solely by its own funds.

Management of the Institution

T he bodies of the Institution are the Governing Council and the Director. The Governing Council consists of five members, who are appointed by the Founder. The Members of the Governing Council of the Public Institution of Kamenjak are as follows:

  • Matija Meduica, President
  • Vlasta Iveša Mihovilović, Member
  • Ivana Marić, Member
  • Cinzia Zubin, Member
  • Ljubomir Mezulić, Member – representative of private and other land owners within the protected natural area

The work of the Institution is managed by the Director who is appointed by the Founder. The Director of the Public Institution of Kamenjak is Maja Šarić.

The internal organisation of the Public Institution of Kamenjak:

Director's Office :

  • Maja Šarić, Director
    e-mail: ravnatelj@kamenjak.hr
  • Greta Pavić, Secretary to Director's Office
    e-mail: tajnistvo@kamenjak.hr
  • Kristina Pliško, Finance Expert Associate
    e-mail: financije@kamenjak.hr

Department of Protection, Maintenance and Promotion of Protected Values :

  • Martina Hervat, Head of Expertise Division
    e-mail: martina.hervat@kamenjak.hr
  • Nina Skoko, Expert Associate
    e-mail: nina.skoko@kamenjak.hr
  • Goran Stjepić, Educator
    e-mail: goran.stjepic@kamenjak.hr
  • Đino Višković, Educator
    e-mail: viskovic@kamenjak.hr

Ranger Service :

  • Aljoša Ukotić, Head ranger
    e-mail: cuvarprirode@kamenjak.hr
  • Viliam Vugrinec, Ranger
  • Sebastian Pintur, Ranger
  • Sanjin Skoko, Ranger
  • Marijo Josipović, Ranger
  • e-mail, Ranger service: cuvariprirode@kamenjak.hr