Kašteja Forest Park


I n the early 20th century, Austrian industrial magnate Paul Kupelwieser, who was the owner of the Brijuni Islands, bought a part of the Medulin coast along with the Kašteja peninsula. Even then the exceptional landscape values of the area were recognised, and since 1996 the peninsula has been protected as a forest park.

Aleppo pines

T he area is covered in Aleppo pines (Pinus halepensis) and black pines (Pinus nigra), which provide special visual and microclimatic values in the area of the Medulin Municipality.

The healing properties of pine trees as a rich source of vitamin C have long been known, so that pine needle tea has been used to relieve the symptoms of cold.

Walking while inhaling the scent of sea salt and pine trees has a positive effect on human health as well as mood.