Lower Kamenjak

Lower Kamenjak

T he area of Lower Kamenjak has been included in the Natura 2000 network because of the habitats and species that need to be preserved. The target habitats are eastern sub-Mediterranean dry grasslands (Scorzoneratalia villosae), EU-Mediterranean grasslands Thero-Brachypodietea, Mediterranean maquis dominated by Juniperus spp., rocks and cliffs of the Mediterranean coastline covered with endemic species Limonium spp.


Due to the abandonment of livestock farming and grazing, the surface area of the Mediterranean grasslands has been reducing and has become overgrown by woody plants, especially Aleppo pine (Pinus halepensis). With the disappearance of grasslands, priority preservation species disappear as well.

Among the targeted species there are six plant species from the family of orchids, including the species such as Convonvulus lineatus and Anthemis tomentosa whose only confirmed site in Croatia is precisely in the area of Kamenjak.


Protection of grasslands is one of the top priorities of the Public Institution of Kamenjak and this is why we encourage livestock farming, especially the raising of autochthonous breeds of domestic animals.

Sheep grazing and autochthonous Istrian cattle grazing are carried out in the area of Kamenjak because traditional agriculture is an essential factor in the preservation of biodiversity of this area.