Significant landscape of Lower Kamenjak and the Medulin Archipelago

Lower Kamenjak

T he Kamenjak peninsula is located in the southernmost part of Istria. The scent of herbs and salt, the buzzing of bees and the murmur of the sea merge into a true sense of nature. This area used to be covered in holm oak forests that have been degraded over the centuries by cutting down trees and cattle grazing, and eventually turned into grasslands with an abundance of plant species. These open habitats are a treasure of biodiversity and are protected in compliance with the guidelines of the EU Habitats Directive. The extremely specific and valuable landscape of Kamenjak is a combination of forests, grasslands, garrigue, maquis and rocky ground.

Lower Kamenjak

Kamenjak is one of the rare habitats of endangered and protected species such as least adder's tongue (Ophioglossum lusitanicum), woolly chamomile (Anthemis tomentosa) and the only known site in Croatia of extremely rare and endangered yellow centaury (Cicendia filiformis).

Almost 100 million years ago, Kamenjak used to be inhabited by dinosaurs and a touch of those times is kept forever in a large number of fossils that can be found on the shores of Kamenjak. A walking trail on the Grakalovac peninsula will lead you to the site of fossilised dinosaur footprints.


O n Kamenjak, near the Polje Cove, there is a farm where you can still feel the spirit of old times and see authentic Istrian cattle. You can further walk along gravel paths that like a spider web stretch into the most intimate parts of Kamenjak. While walking you can run into a Cleopatra butterfly, argus, orange tip and even a clouded yellow, who are only a tiny part of as many as fifty different species of butterflies.

Anthemis tomentosa

The area of Kamenjak is a place with lots of sunny days all year round, where total annual precipitation is considerably lower (210 mm) when compared to the neighbouring Pula or Medulin (872 mm). Such features are typical of the Mediterranean climate, and due to such favourable climatic conditions you can spend time in the nature and enjoy sports or recreation throughout the year.